Marathi Shala

एकदन्तं चतुर्हस्तं पाशमङ्कुशधारिणम् ।
रदं  वरदं हस्तैर्बिभ्राणं मूषकध्वजम् ॥
रक्तं लम्बोदरं शूर्पकर्णकं रक्तवाससम् ।
रक्तगन्धानुलिप्ताङ्गं रक्तपुष्पैस्सुपूजितम् ॥

If you could read the above lines in Sanskrit – it could be because, as a child, you grew up in an environment that promoted reading Sanskrit or Marathi verses.

11.1: (The visible Form of Ganapati is as follows) His Face has a single Tusk (Ekadantam); He has Four Hands (Chatur-Hastam); with two of His Hands, he is holding Noose (Pasha) and Goad (Ankusha),
11.2: With His third Hand He is holding a Tusk (Rada), and with His fourth Hand He is showing the gesture of Boon-Giving (Varada Mudra); His Flag is having the Emblem of a Rat (Mushaka),
11.3: His Form is having a Beautiful Reddish Glow (Raktam), with a Large Belly (Lambodara) and with Large Ears like Fans (Shurpa Karna); He is wearing Red Garments (Rakta Vasam),
11.4: His Form is annointed with Red Fragrant Paste (Rakta Gandha), and He is worshipped with Red Flowers (Rakta Pushpa),

Students of Baltimore Marathi Shala – as young as 6 years old – shall be chanting the full Atharvashirsh at Shri Siddhivinayak Temple, Glen Burnie, MD on the occasion of Ganesh Jayanti; & Vasant Panchami on Saturday, Feb.9, 2019 from 10-1 pm. Event is open to all if you RSVP by calling the temple a day before i.e. Fri, Feb 8th. Address: 1003 Stewart Ln NE, Glen Burnie, MD 21060  and Temple Phone for RSVP on Friday, Feb.08th is  (410) 766-1003

Happy Ganesh Jayanti  – the Birthday of the Lord of Wisdom – also known as Tilkund Chaturthi which is today, Feb.08, 2019. May you all be blessed by Shri Ganesh.

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