गप्पा- गोष्टी

Baltimoreचा आल्हाददायक उन्हाळा सार्‍यांनाच हवाहवासा वाटतो.
सुट्टीचे बेत आखले जातात, भारतातून पालक येतात, पाहुण्यांची वर्दळ आणि पाहुणचाराची लगबग सुरू होते. गप्पा- गोष्टी-हास्यविनोदांची मैफल सजते.
अशाच एका उन्हाळी दुपारी आम्ही मस्त कार्यक्रम घेऊन येत आहोत. “वयाने ज्येष्ठ पण उत्साहाने श्रेष्ठ” अशा आयुष्याच्या उत्तररंगात रंगलेल्या सर्व मित्रमैत्रिणींसाठी!
या कार्यक्रमात स्थानिक मित्रमंडळी तर आहेतच पण परगावांहून आलेले आपले पालकही सहभागी होऊ शकतात.

When: August 18th 1.30-4.30 pm
Where: Patapsco Room, Miller Library,
9421 Frederick Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21042

On this occasion, we are conducting “The Best Maharashtrian Appetizer” competition for our seniors. Entries will be judged based on color and texture, aroma and taste and over-all-presentation. Judges love creativity! Please bring in enough for about 7-10 people so others can appreciate your cooking skills as well! The competition will start at 2.00 pm sharp.

It is free event for all Sr. citizens and visiting parents of members. Non-members can join us for a nominal fee of $5 per person to cover the cost of supplies. Please RSVP by August 5th, it will help us to plan the event.

चला तर मग. आम्हांला आपली उपस्थिती अवश्य कळवा.

Register for the event.

Summer Picnic

Namaskar Mandali,

Baltimore Marathi Mandal is inviting all families to enjoy our annual summer picnic

Sunday Aug 12th 2018 @10.00 am
11685 Old Frederick Rd, Marriottsville, MD 21104

It will be a fun-filled activity for the entire family and a good time to say hello to all your friends. So let’s enjoy it!!! Also this year we will have a surprising food menu which you all will love!!!

Request you get your tickets as early as possible as that would help us plan the event and food.

Picnic 2018 – Member

Member Adult Price


Picnic 2018 – Non Member

Non Member Adult Price


Picnic 2018 – Kid

Kid Price (Ages 5 and above)


Summer Math Challenge

To all BMM Kids,

Hope you are having a great Summer! Are you busy eating ice cream and splashing in the water? Visiting new places or trying a new adventure at the camp? Can you believe it has been more than a month school is out already? Are you bored of having waaaaay too much fun? Yeah, it’s a thing! No worries! Ganapati Bappa, the God of Knowledge, is looking upon you…

Are you entering Grade K-5? Ganapati Bappa has a challenge for you this Summer!
You can pledge to solve 251 or 501 or 1001 Math problems in the month of August and if you complete the challenge Bappa will reward you at the “Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration” for all your hard work! So are you ready? Ask your parents to sign you up before July 31st.

Email us by July 31st at BMMkids@gmail.com with child’s name and math grade level completed
Pledge levels: 251 or 501 or 1001 math problems
You will receive an email about the “BMM Math Challenge” which would include worksheets covering various topics at the grade level and the “Answer Key” for parents. Please print out the “BMM Math Challenge” for your child.
Your child has August 1st-31st to complete.
Please email us on or before August 31st confirming that your child has completed the challenge. Your word is enough – You do NOT need to send us completed worksheets.
Your child will be recognized and get a reward at “Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration” for his/her efforts.