Events 2020

Makar Sankrant

Wish you all Happy Makar Sankrant!!

This year we will celebrate Makar Sankrant at 2 different locations.

Saturday, January 25th from 2 PM – 5 PM at Waverly Elementary School in Ellicott City (Howard County) and on Sunday, January 26th from 2 PM – 5 PM at Deertree Apartments Community Hall in Cockeysville (Baltimore County)

Here are the details of Makar Sankrant event
2.00 – 2.30 PM – Registration/ Welcome
2.30 – 2.45 PM – EC Remarks
2.45 – 3.15 PM – Bore Nhaan
3.15 – 3.45 PM – Haldi Kunku
3.45 – 5.00 PM – Snacks (Gulpoli and TilGul- Specially ordered from India and Vada Pav) and fun-filled activities and games.

Sankrant Flyer

Marathi Natak


Buy tickets here –

Cancellation of the Play

As you are aware there are public health concerns related to the Corona virus outbreak in the region. Reports from yesterday indicate 2 more confirmed cases in Maryland. At this point, it’s hard to know how the situation will evolve. As a responsible social organization, protecting the health and well-being of our community members and visiting artists is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the play – White Lily and Night Rider that was planned on Sunday, March 15th. 

Ticket Refund Information

  • You will receive full refund for the purchase price of your tickets.
  • The processing fee will not be refunded, unless you purchased Booking Protection through Hungamacity.
  • Refunds will be processed and available in 12-15 days.
  • Refunds will be processed automatically and no action is needed from your end to request refunds.

Thank you for your patronage and continued support. If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Baltimore Marathi Mandal

Swar Saj

Baltimore Marathi Mandal is excited to announce an online musical event Swar-Saj with Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai fame singer Hrishikesh Ranade. Please mark your calendar for Saturday May 23, 10 AM. Please see the link Swar-Saj Youtube Live

Hrishikesh has given playback to more than 35 Marathi films and 2 Hindi films. Some important Marathi films are डबल सीट, मुंबई-पुणे-मुंबई, ती सध्या काय करते, What’s up लग्न, रमा माधव, प्रेमाची गोष्ट.
Hope you all can join us!!
Thank you

BMM Kids at work

Our BMM Kids work at home challenge is still going on. Excellent opportunity for School age kids to help people affected by COVID-19. Even better they can do it from their home by doing chores and helping parents. BMM will donate $5 for every hour a kid works in his/her own home during the week from May 13- May 20 to food banks in Howard County and Baltimore county to cope up with the COVID 19 circumstances.

We ask parents to use link below to add time for their child.


The deadline for submitting the hours is May 24. Please note we only need name of the child, number of hours, and email address to provide the volunteer certificates for the kids who decide to participate. You DO NOT need to be BMM member to participate. Currently our limit for donations is $1000 but we can consider increasing the limit based on the response from the kids.
Parents please encourage your kids to participate and help our community.

Aabhalbhar Kavita

We are happy to announce that Baltimore Marathi Mandal is bringing an online event आभाळभर कविता by Sandeep Khare and Madhurani Gokhale on Saturday July 18 from 10 AM to 12 PM. ह्या कार्यक्रमामध्ये दोघेही त्यांच्या आवडत्या कवींच्या कवितांमार्फत आपल्याशी संवाद साधणार आहेत.

The event is free for people residing in Baltimore and Washington DC area but RSVP is required. Use the following link to send RSVP.

Aabhalbhar Kavita – RSVP

Please also help us by making some donation so that we can continue bringing quality programs.


Link for the event will be provided after RSVP. Please do not share the link with people outside our area. This event is free only for people residing in Baltimore and Washington DC area.

‘मनाचे श्लोक’

ऊन्हाळ्याच्या सुट्टीत वेगवेगळे श्लोक पाठ करण्याची आपल्याकडे एक पद्धत आहे. त्याला अनुसरून उच्चारासाठी जरा सोपे असे समर्थ रामदास स्वामींचे ‘मनाचे श्लोक’ लहान मुलांकडून म्हणून घेउन त्याच recording एकत्रीत करून सादर करण्याचा एक विचार आहे. त्यासाठी एकेकाने आपापल्या परीने फक्त १ किंवा २ श्लोक जरी म्हटले तरी १०-१५ मुलांचे मिळून २० श्लोक आपल्याला बाममं च्या बच्चे कंपनींकडून ऐकता येतील. तरी ह्यात सहभागी होण्याची तुमची इच्छा असल्यास १९ ॲागस्ट पर्यंत खालील लिंकवर क्लिककरून श्लोक निवडा.

मुलांनी वाचलेल्या किंवा पाठ केलेल्या श्लोकाचं recording आम्हाला २८ ॲागस्ट पर्यंत पाठवा. कृपया एका मुलासाठी किंवा मुलीसाठी फक्त १ किंवा २ श्लोकच निवडा. चला तर मग लवकर सुरूवात करूया…

BMM Math Challenge

Hey BMM Kids! Hope you are having a great Summer! Are you busy eating ice cream everyday and hiking/biking every weekend? OR are you getting bored at home and miss school? I mean, it’s been like six months all of you are glued to your screens! Either way, Ganapati Bappa, the God of knowledge, is looking upon you…

Ganapati Bappa is BACK with BMM Math Challenge! Ask your parents to sign up

BMM Math Challenge


Maitra Magazine

You can read it here – जुलै २०२० अंक

Baltimore Marathi Mandal’s next Diwali online event is on Nov 14, 10:30 AM. 

भावत्रयी- मराठी गाण्यांचा प्रवास

Thank you to those who have sent RSVP. If you have not done it yet, this is a reminder to send RSVP at the following link

The link for the program will be provided on Friday night before the event at the email address provided in the RSVP form.

Wish you all Happy Diwali !!

Diwali 2020 event details

Thank you

Baltimore Marathi Mandal